Core Vitals Optimization


What Are the Criteria for Core Web Vitals?

Web vitals’ factors – or what we call criteria – include:
• Content that helps the user having a better experience and accomplish their goals.
• Keyword research and content strategy.
• Site load time and website responsiveness, meaning how well it responds to different devices such as desktops vs phones.
• Domain name length, including number of words it contains.
• Internal linking between pages to help users navigate around the website easily, as well as link to other pages on the website that are relevant.
• Anchor text used for internal linking, which is also an important factor in on-page SEO.
• CTRs, so the user sees what they came to see on first page or two of Google results. If they don’t click your link on first page, there’s no reason they’ll click on the second.
• Keyword density of the visible text content. It should be 5-8% or at least above 2%. This number varies depending on length of the page and industry you’re in.

Core vitals’ optimization is to optimize the website and its pages by making them search engine friendly. Search engines evaluate websites and their pages using different algorithms that we can’t know – at least not yet – but we do know the factors that Google Focused On In 2017 .