Advanced Location Page

Rankings are a premier ranking agency that specializes in localizing organic search engine rankings for businesses in Google’s local index. By interacting with Google’s My Business API, Rankghost can ensure that your business remains visible in the right location to search engine crawlers.

URL Structure Optimized per Location

Advanced Location pages are a combination of location-specific content and the latest development in search engine optimization for Google’s Local Business Center. As traditional search engine rankings continue to be less and less important for local results, Rankghost has adopted a new approach to localized SEO ranking services.

For each photo, the latitude and longitude have been added.

Each photo is geo-coded to the business’ exact location with the use of longitude and latitude. This way, search engine crawlers can easily pick up on your physical address in conjunction with your written content.

Geo Centric Data per location

Rankghost has made several optimizations to its local services in order to keep up with Google’s constantly changing business index. One of the more recent ranking optimization techniques Rankghost employs is Geo-centric data per location. With this technique, the service ensures that the most important information for each location is displayed first on both mobile and desktop search engine rankings.

The location of each street and neighborhood has been listed and linked to a Gmap link.

Rankghost is now offering All Streets and Neighborhoods location pages for local businesses. With this, Rankghost will hyperlink all streets, neighborhoods, cities, countries to their proper map inside of the Google Map Engine. This allows for a more complete customer experience, as well as an easy way to link back to your main website from the localized map.

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