Advanced YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO is important for any business to take advantage of. YouTube’s popularity and market share continues to grow rapidly and it’s not likely to slow down anytime soon.

YouTube SEO is a strategy that you should invest time in. You can boost your views, comments, and subscribers by investing in YouTube SEO. It also provides a platform for free marketing and gives you an edge against the competition because YouTube’s algorithm favors popular videos and trends.

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

  • GCID Category
  • Use the main keyword to search for relevant keyword suggestions.
  • Create a new Gmail address using GCID Category
  • Create a YouTube channel with a new Gmail address
  • Upload profile picture to Google account
  • Name your channel (also inside Google account)
  • Write channel description
  • Set channel tags
  • Set your banner image
  • Set your video watermark
  • Set custom channel URL
  • Set Channel links
  • Set channel contact email

Creating Videos

  • Make sure the video’s title is correct.
  • Copy the video’s title and paste it into the beginning of the description.
  • Paste your links (website, GMB, etc.)
  • Set your timestamps (Hour:minute keyword 1… Hour:minute keyword 2)
  • If appropriate, include a NAP citation.
  • Make a long, keyword-rich description.
  • Add two or three hashtags.
  • Add newly acquired videos to relevant playlists
  • Add as many tags as you can manage.
  • Select the desired languages and copyright information.
  • Set the recording date and location.
  • Select a category from the drop-down menu.
  • If necessary, create subtitles
  • Add a closing screen to your layout.
  • Add cards
  • Double-check everything!
  • Change the privacy status from “private” to “public.”

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